Between Two Women

No one hums my sorrow
And I blink alone
In the dark.
Here I lie
Next to a woman
Who does not love me
And I am thinking of another
With whom I shared grass today.

On the grass we chased each other.
I embraced her backside with one hand
And lifted her blouse with another
So that our bellies
Could drink each other’s warmth.

Her curly hair scratches my nose
And the hand where I have put my head
Feels pins and needles.
Her eyes are closed.
My free hand climbes her waist
And searches for her tight-bound breasts.
She pushes my hand away
And mumbles: “I’m tired
I want to go to sleep.”

No! The joy of those colors
Does not leave me alone.
Everything washed itself in color:
Her blue jeans and red jacket
And her white neck and small breasts.
The sun was flapping her wings
And the night was ready to fall.
She said: “Look!
Now you see thousands of greens.”

I remove my tingling hand
From under my head.
I kiss her face,
Turn on my side
And distance myself
From the woman
Who does not love me.

Majid Naficy
October 9, 1993